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Shannon Express

A Four Part Close Harmony Concert

Saturday 12th February 2011

The Friends were pleased to present a concert by Shannon Express, the award-wining Male Close Harmony Chorus, from Potton. The 44 members of the chorus gave a polished performance, which was very well received by the audience. Two of the members directed the musical programme, a quartet called Double Take was featured and in particular explained the harmony associated with barbershop singing. The melody is sung by the Lead, above them is the Tenor and below providing the foundation is the Bass, with the Baritone between them and the Lead. One of the key functions of one member was to play a pitch note at the beginning of each song - a very responsible task bearing in mind the chorus sang in 8 different keys. To add tothe entertainment there was an excellent Stanley Holloway monologue. Finally after being fed tea and cake while at the church the chorus decamped to the British Queen where they were once again in full flight, but this time with a glass of beer to hand.