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Violins: history, manufacture and repair

talk by Chris Beament

7:30 pm, Friday 22nd February

Chris Beament gave an enthusiastic talk accompanied by many excellent slides. His mother Juliet Barker studied for 2 years at the Mittenwald "school" of violin making, the home of the Klotz family dating from mid-17th century. She set up making violins in Cambridge in 1956. The skill required is amazing as much of what is seen is hand crafted with little room for error. Chris explained that most of the old and famous Baroque style violins were converted to the Modern style by strengthening the neck fixing arrangement to the body to allow higher string tensions and enabling violins to be heard above brass instruments. Chris touched on the subject of repair techniques and has offered to give another talk in the future on this highly specialised subject.

Juliet Barker
Baroque and Modern Violin
Violin parts
Then the front is glued on
Fingerboard cramped on
Even without glue it holds
Applying the fourth and final coat